February 16, 2017 
WoW! Five years since I've updated here!! Time flies! I hit my 7 year mark of being cancer free!! Jessica will hit hers this month!! So happy!!  I just saw my medical oncologist a couple of weeks ago and all is good!
A lot has happened in the last 5 years, number 1 is, Jerry and I split up. I bought a house and moved out on my own. We had started seeing each other again, but he decided it just really wasn't working out and dumped me over New Years.
I still need to move my studio building to my new house. I was going to leave it out at his place but with the latest events I feel like I need to go ahead and have the building moved. At least I can make beads without having to go out to his place and can  make beads when I want to.
I am loving my new house and slowly but surely getting it decorated in my own style. Still looking for things in boxes in the garage! It's been almost 2 years since I moved in!
I am working full time at a Cardiology practice on the Electrophysiology team. I love it! The Doc I work for is awesome! I have learned so much and am still learning. We are very busy! I have awesome co-workers too! It really helps to like the people you work with.
I've learned a little metal smithing, copper etching and some soldering. Have a long way to go with that! I'm not good at it by any means.
Still making beads sometimes, just no where near the production level that I was at previously. Hoping to get back to it this year after getting my studio all moved and set back up!
March 29, 2012
 So, it's been a little over 2 years since I've updated my website. Believe me, I've not been having fun and ignoring this. I never even went into my studio for over a year.
Fortunately, Jessica and I both are doing fine and cancer free!! YAY!!!  I am trying to get back into the groove with my beadmaking.
I have seen my breast oncologist in January and medical oncology in February and I am good for another year! Can't believe it has been 2 years already, when everything felt like it would never end or get better. 
Also have to move my studio. Moving my studio is really gonna suck! I am going to need to move everything out of it in order to move it, then put it all back in afterwards. That is going to be a job and a half! Groan!!!  Will be one way to really clean it out, I guess. I may even give it a new coat of paint. I'm kinda sick of the sponge painted pink and white back wall.
Until then, I have listed some beads in my Etsy shop and am in the process of listing some more on the website. Got lots of dr bills to pay! UGH
I am also playing with some mixed media, with some decoupage, painting, gluing, spray inks, rubberstamping and stencils. It has been WAY FUN! I've always done a lot of arts and crafts but never mixed media. I am enjoying it immensely! So, stay tuned for some peeks at my mixed media art.
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February 15, 2010
Well, a lot has been going on. Unfortunately, I have been out of the studio since the first of the year due to surgery. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November and had surgery on Jan 8th, the day before my 50th birthday.  You can read about my journey here  www.caringbridge.org/visit/vickiewarburton    I have been very fortunate to have caught the cancer early and am stage 1! I am still waiting to find out if I need chemo or not. Will find that out on Thursday this week. My PET scan came back good so that was a huge relief!

I am off work right now, recuperating from my surgery, but have not had the energy to do much. I have been surprized at just how much this surgery knocked me on my butt!
I am going to try to update the site soon and get some new beads up. I am probably going to need to shoot some pictures and get them edited before I can list new beads.
My friend Tana, who owns a gift shop in Fayetteville where I had a lot of my jewelry inventory had a fire 2 days before Christmas. Nothing burned in the shop, but she had a lot of smoke and soot damage. I picked up all of my stuff and got it all cleaned up. Think I will have a "fire sale" since I don't feel right selling it at full price.
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November 27, 2009
 Thought I would share some images of my Christmas tree with you too. Someone told me I should show some pictures of the house since I talk about it all the time.
Several years ago, before I started making beads I made a lot of things with Fimo Clay. I loved playing with the clay, but the clay did not like me. It was just too hard on my hands and I had to quit. Hope that never happens with the glass.
Anyway, here is my tree this year, this is taken without the flash
This one is with a flash
This is a fimo Santa that I made. He is on a cone armature.
This is a fimo Gingerbread house. Too bad you can't eat this one! LOL
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November 26, 2009
WOW! I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving weekend! Where has this year gone? Christmas is just around the corner. So, don't pass out now or anything, but I am actually getting some new work up on my site for your perusal!
I just finished up a workshop with Trey Cornette and am having some fun trying out some of the new techniques we learned. So watch for some new work to go up in some fun scrolling patterns. Most will be focal beads.
I have also been playing with some frits and some murrini. I'm really enjoying the glass right now. 
Got my Christmas tree up for the first time in a few years. I splurged 2 years ago in the post Christmas sales and bought a big new tree, so it is up for the first time for our first christmas in the new house. I didn't even put up a tree at all last year. I had a major case of "bah humbug" last year.
Gonna go for a motorcycle ride for a while tomorrow with some of  the Chrome Divas. Will probably be my last ride for a while. Look Twice, Save a Life!
Some of you may know, that I am going to be a little out of commission very soon as I will be having surgery, probably before Christmas. I will know more about things after my surgery when my plan of care is more definate. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yep, one of my boobs went over to the dark side. Bad bad boobie!  Ladies, I'm telling you, DO YOUR MONTHLY SELF BREAST EXAMS!!!! and GET YOUR ANNUAL MAMMOGRAMS!!! I found my lump myself and it has been detected fairly early, as far as we know right now.  I really appreciate your prayers, good wishes, white light, etc. and thank you all for it!
In my opinion, the latest news that you don't need to do monthly self breast exams is a total load of CRAPOLA! and so is not having a mammogram until you are 50. I am not 50 years old yet! Almost, but not yet. I've also had mammograms since I was 30 years old.  Ok, so I am off my soapbox now.
 Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
oh, and buy some beads, ok?
Thanks so much!
 October 9, 2009
  The house is done and we have moved! Finally! It is so nice to have so much more room. He had a huge garage built in the back yard too. Eventually, we'll be able to put our vehicles in there during the cold winter months. Still have some work to do before that can happen.
I am busy getting ready for War Eagle weekend next week. I have my booth at the Springdale Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas. The show runs October 16th and 17th from 9am to 9pm both days.  I will have some funky new work for you so come see me. I don't know my booth number yet but am really hoping I get my same booth spot again this year. I swear it's the coldest spot in the building but was a good location. So, come see me. Will be a good time to get some Christmas shopping done. Remember, it's just around the corner.
I also sold my Kawasaki motorcycle and bought me a big girl bike. It's a Yamaha Vstar classic 1100! Whoohoo! It has the look of the vintage cruisers and what a nice comfortable ride! It's a big heavy bike, but sure doesn't get blown around by trucks on the highway. It also has saddle bags that aren't on it in the picture.  Here's a quick picture for you.
Here's a little pic of me in my booth at a show.
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